Friday, June 5, 2009

Wed Locally

In this article, “Think Globally, Wed Locally; How one Calgary couple applied the rigours of 100 Mile Diet to the happiest day of their lives” the writer talks about a locally grown dinner for a wedding. The bride’s father invites his family and friends to his daughter’s wedding, and asks them to bring local food. All the food was from their farms. They made diet food with no salt and pepper. And they enjoyed an outdoor wedding ceremony. The writer thinks that every wedding ceremony should include local food like what was happened in the past.

Have you ever been to a marriage ceremony where you didn’t like the food? Have you ever thought about how much money it takes for food to be creditable? Hosts always want their wedding be special, so they think food is one of the interesting things on this night. And they try to find a good chef to cook fantastic dishes. I had never heard about people who cook their wedding food by themselves or got help from their friends but I think if that happens it will be a nice way to get special food; they will cook which ever dishes their family and friends prefer, and the food cost will be only the cost of having the chef.

If you are one of those people who always want to do unique things, you will prefer to make your wedding with local food. It is uncommon in several cultures and I think people usually try to do strange things on this day to make their guests never forget it. The distinction is not just in the idea or in the food but also it’s in the food taste. I think that what we cook in our recipe is more delicious than what chefs do, even if they are wonderful cooks. People are more comfortable with homemade and they will compete with each other to cook delicious food.

When you invite people for your wedding, you want them to like your food and eat it. Chefs haven’t known about what your guest’s favorite food. They will cook what they think is good, but your guests might not like it. If you make it locally, you will care about what they prefer and what will surprise them when they eat it. They will find fantastic dishes with good qualities.

Some people bring their wedding chef from another big city to cook their food and be proud of them service. You can do that, but you will give all your money to them and lend more. I know the chef will care about every thing and you will find time to care about other things in the ceremony. But losing your money because of this chef will deprive you of spending a nice and long honeymoon. So, special homemade food with losing less money is a wonderful idea.

Really, making our own wedding food is a special thing we will do. Not everyone will get this idea or be able to do it because it is hard but we will get unique food, and our guests will like this food by home recipes. Also, the most important thing, this idea will help us to keep much money to enjoy in the honeymoon. Cooking local food by your family or friends is the best way to do a special wedding ceremony.


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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Eat Locally

In this article ”Digging into local fare; Verities chef helps good things grow—then he cooks ‘em,” the writer talks about a good chef who he supports local foods. He thinks that we should get food from our own farm or buy it from another farm to get healthy food. Also, he thinks that if we care about our education, we should also care about our food. He mentions that he doesn’t say that just to get healthy food but also we can freeze it and make jam or pickles. Long, who is a chef, suggest that we should looking for the food value, where our food grows and how to be sure our food doesn’t have any chemical substances.

Did you feel angry or frustrated when you bought vegetables or fruits from a grocery store and you can’t use them, because they were old or chilled for a long time? You probably lost a lot of your money. Now that is over. You can have your favorite fruits and vegetables, take care of them until they grow up and enjoy them when you eat. Otherwise, you can buy them from any farm, which are cheaper than what the store has. I think getting fare in these ways has many benefits. For example, you will eat healthy food with less chemical substances, save your money and keep extra food to use it any time.

The last several years, news and people have talked a lot about organic and chemical food. Of course, we need organic food, which is healthier, and has good taste. You will find that just on the farm. And you can protect yourself and your family from chemical’s bad effects.

Eating local food will help us save money, because most of our money will go if we buy food then we find it not fresh or have a bad taste. So, when we keep it in our refrigerator, it will rot fast. For that, if you want get food which is fresh, has a good look, and a good smell, stays for a long time and is cheap, you should get it from a farm. Farmers always sell their products at low prices because they don’t have a store and they never need a refrigerator to keep food in it.

People who have farms usually have extra food. So, they make it in different ways to stay for long time, for example, jam or pickles. Also, they freeze it. It is easy to do that and you will find food anytime when you need it. Also, when you make it to stay for long time, you know how you make it and you will be sure that there isn’t any kind of chemicals inside it.

In conclusion, making your own food from your own farm has good benefits for you and your family. You will be sure that you eat healthy food with less chemical substances, it is cheaper and you can keep extra food for a long time. So, you will have a different kind of good food and your money. I think if you try this way, you will never go back to buying bad food from any store.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ozone layer will damage our life

In the article ” Climate Change” the writer discusses the fact that with damaged ozone layer, we will get lots of problems, such as skin cancer and worse weather. So all countries around the world should make rules to keep our environment clean. Also, the writer mentioned that the United States and Canada made a good protocol to rescue the ozone layer. But if people don’t follow this protocol the ozone layer will be damaged in 2050. And that will affect people, animals and plants. In 2009, most countries in the world will meet to discuss the global pollution and find some ways to solve these problems.

Did you hear your grandmother or grandfather talk about unusual environment problems? I don't think they met lots of people who suffered with medical diseases as skin cancer, people who were worried about changes in the weather every year, or their farm having no plants. That is what has happened to our life, because the ozone layer is being destroyed.

The last several years, lots of people have begun to suffer with different kinds of skin medical problems, especially with skin cancer, which is the hardest kind of problems. The researchers have found the biggest reason that makes people get skin cancer is when they are exposed to the sun when they swim or relax at the sea. So, they advise that if people want to enjoy themselves under the sun, they should choose a good time when the sun is not too hot and put some special lotion on their bodies to protect them. People should know how ultraviolet radiation would harm their skin.

Year after year, the weather is changing to the worst situation. When the ozone layer is starting to be destroyed, the temperature also starts to change. Most of the frozen areas such as Antarctica are losing their ice mountains because the weather has become hot there and the ice has melted. Also, a lot of cities around the world have been damaged because of hurricanes or tornados, or earthquakes. And the scientists think that if the ozone layer is damaged more of the earth will get hard changes and problems everywhere.

One of the hard problems that happen because the ozone layer is lost happens to the plants. A lot of farms are becoming poor because plants are dying. The scientists try to help these farms but they couldn’t. The plants need the sunshine, but the sun harms them. Plants are losing their elements, which make them a live and grow up. The scientists try to find different way to keep plants such as plants in a protected area but it is a very expensive way.

We have never thought that the soft ozone layer is important to save our earth. But now everyone realizes that, and all our countries’ governments educate us about what we would suffer with if we make the ozone layer damaged. We might get skin cancer, lots of hot and hard weather with lot of hurricanes, and we might lose the plants and be unable to find good vegetables. We should as people live on this world, and help our countries to protect the ozone layer by following their protection protocol.


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Monday, April 27, 2009


My major is clinical psychology. When I was sixteen years old, I found a big book which is about psychology. I spended three months to read it. It was so interesting to me. After that I was being more interesting about people’s personalities, and psychological disorders. Then, I dicided that I will study about psychology. During my college years, I started to change my personality to the best. And I helped some of my friends and my family members with their personalities problems or any disorder such as, panic attake, anixity and family problems. I had have a dream. In some day I will travel to complet my education in psychology. After I graduate, I worked at a hospital. It was so amazing time but I never forgot my dream. I belive if I study more and work more in my major, that will let me the best psychologist in my city. And I will help people to solve their problems and get a great life. Now I will start my master degree after a few months. Then, my dream will be reall.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Sometimes I like to try different kinds of food that are uncommon to me. Last weekend I went with my kids to chinese restaurant at Marion. It had has many kind of deshes. Most of them I never tried them befor. One of them was crab legs. I wanted try it but I was worry about it test. May be I don't like it then It will make me disgusted. Then I won't like all the food and leave this restaurant. I pushed my self many times to get one. When I took the crab leg, I couldn't know how I can eat it. I asked the waiter and he said, "you shoud use leg breaker and you can find it clous to the crab dish". Even if it hard to break it, but really I liked it taste. I t was so delicious. And I asked my kids to try it, but they said," no way MoM". It madE them scared and feel disgust. It was a first time which I ate someting strange to me.And I took this pictuer to show you my new best dish.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Life!!

I’m a mix funny and serious person. I really don’t like to talk about what I’m. I prefer to know what people think about me. In my life I met lots of good people. And I have a good relation ship with them. So, I try to be a good person that every one trusts me. I try to do what will reflex my morals. Also, I want to do any thing that will be beneficent for long time for my kids, my family and other people. Then, if I die, they will never forget me. And my kid’s will proud of me. I think also they will follow my life method. I believe that I will get a wonderful life in heaven. But what are sad for me is my kids, my parents and my sisters because I know they will miss me a lot. And they will miss my support, which is so important for them. So, I try to give them all my love, my support and my life. Finally, I think this paragraph will be one of things that make my family never forget me.